Benefits of Swimming

The Benefits of Swimming


Experts generally agree that we need to get around two and a half hours of moderate exercise every week, and one of the best ways to do this is by swimming. The water’s resistance and staying afloat makes this a great way to keep the heart rate up while also not putting much pressure on your bones and joints. This makes it perfect for those with injuries and painful joints, too. There are many benefits to swimming, and we’ve listed a few here to give you a good idea as to why you should consider adding this to your fitness regime.

It Benefits People With Health Conditions

There’s a reason why swimming is often recommended to people that suffer from certain health conditions. The environment is a perfect way for people to get fit and healthy without worrying about injuries. For those suffering from these injuries, whether they be muscular or more severe, such as when recovering from a broken bone, the water helps to reduce the weight you put on those injuries while still allowing you to move them for an expedited recovery. It’s also said that swimming can help alleviate the pain in people with osteoarthritis.

It’s A Great Way To Boost Your Mood

Swimmingis generally seen as being fun. It’s not as uncomfortable as running can be, as you’ll generally keep cool in the water, and when an exercise feels like more of an enjoyable activity rather than a workout, it’s naturally going to put you in better spirits. A high-quality and relaxing pool, such as this rooftop swimming pool, is a great space for you to quieten your mind and focus on the exercise rather than things that are worrying you. Regular exercise is a great way to boost our moods, so keeping up with the two and a half hours of exercise per week is a wise choice.

It’s An Affordable Exercise

Depending on where you choose to swim, this exercise is generally seen as one of the more affordable options. Many gyms will offer specific pool access as a cheaper option instead of full gym access. While it would be lovely to simply have your own pool, not everyone is going to be lucky enough to have this. However, you’re very unlikely not to find a suitable pool for you to exercise in, especially somewhere such as Dubai. Due to this abundance, pool access is relatively cheap whether you become a member or pay as you go.

It Works Out Your Entire Body

One of the great things about swimming is that, unless you’re a dedicated bodybuilder who needs to put extra work into specific muscles, swimming covers all your bases. Physically, swimming works out your entire body, from your cardiovascular system and general endurance to your strength and muscle tone. There are many different types of swimming strokes you can alternate between, and each will focus more on different groups. However, simply being in the water and moving around with the added resistance is naturally going to strengthen your muscles.

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