Super Effective Foods to Lose Weight Quickly

Burn Fat: Top 15 Super Effective Foods to Lose Weight Quickly!


Green tea

Green tea is a natural fat burner. It allows the oxidation of fats.

The celery

This slimming ally has a diuretic and purifying effect to rid the body of all bad things. Very low in calories (16 kCal per 100 g), very rich in fiber, it promotes the feeling of satiety while providing the body with vitamins (vitamins C in particular). It keeps all its fibers in juice to wake up the body in the morning or in sticks as an aperitif.

Oat bran

First of all, the high content of soluble dietary fibers in oat bran gives it a real satiating power. Then soluble fibers have the effect of trapping bile salts and cholesterol in the body and promoting their elimination by also stimulating intestinal transit.

The lemon

Lemon contains citric acid which destocks and burns fat and sugar. In addition, it is a detox food, which helps to purify the body of toxins and which boosts the liver and stimulates the metabolism. A true natural appetite suppressant thanks to its high vitamin C content, it is also a natural ally of the immune system.

Fatty fish

The omega-3s found in sardines or mackerel do a wonderful job of helping turn bad fats into fuel. Indeed, the oils contained in oily fish cause significant oxidation of stored fat.


In addition to giving a pleasant taste to preparations and reducing sugar, cinnamon helps speed up the metabolism, and thus burn excess calories, thus leading to fat loss.


Bromelain, ladies and gentlemen, bromelain! By bringing this enzyme present in mass in pineapple into your body, it will facilitate the breakdown of nutrients, in particular proteins and starch; this will prevent bloating, digestive upset and heartburn. Its richness in water and potassium (mineral with a diuretic effect), its soft fibers and therefore in bromelain make pineapple the purifying and detoxifying fruit par excellence, thus placing it as “the” perfect dessert after a heavy meal. to digest.


Its properties promote the elimination of toxins and fats. Additionally, dandelion helps regulate blood sugar levels. Add young shoots to your salads, make a soup or consume dandelion as a food supplement.

The kiwi

Very rich in vitamins C, the kiwi promotes transit and prevents fat from settling.


Full of energy, it would, according to science, cut hunger … Without forgetting to stimulate our metabolism. At the end of a large meal, coffee decreases the amount of fat absorbed and lightens the amount of sugar consumed. Be careful, however, not to consume more than three cups a day because caffeine does not have only good sides.


It helps the body to eliminate fat and toxins by acting as a sponge in the stomach. To keep all the benefits, we cook the eggplant in its natural state.


Thanks to its high content of soluble fibers and in particular pectin, the apple is a very effective fat-burning food. Indeed, once in the digestive system, pectin will actively participate in the elimination of excess fat via intestinal transit.

The Courgette

With only 17 calories for a ration of 100 grams, zucchini offers a feeling of satiety with a very low calorie intake. In addition, the zucchini the zucchini accelerates the metabolism, thus stimulating the fat-burning action, in other words we have more energy while burning superfluous fat.


Very low in calories but rich in fiber, broccoli causes significant energy expenditure and facilitates intestinal transit to make it one of the slimming foods par excellence.

The pepper

Very rich in fiber, pepper, thanks to its very high vitamin C content, this vegetable is able to eliminate fats before they have been assimilated by the body.

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