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Possible Reasons Why You Can’t Get Hired


So, you’ve been trawling through the healthcare jobs recruitment sites, and you have been applying for jobs solidly within your area of expertise and meeting your qualifications. You’ve honed your interview skills and you are attending every interview that comes up. You’re also more than willing to move a long distance in order to take up a new position, and you’ve ensured employers that you will make the commitment to stay for a considerable period of time. Why, then, can’t you get hired?

Here’s the boring and obvious answer: there are many possible reasons why this could be happening. Nevertheless, if this article is going to be of any use at all, it is worth outlining a few of those reasons to allow you to figure out if there is something obvious you are missing.

The Current Talent Market

But before that, it’s worth taking the temperature of the talent market as it currently exists in the U.S. Health Jobs Nationwide, a health jobs board offering nurse practitioner jobs among many others, note that we are currently going through what is known as a jobseeker’s market. This means that there is an abundance of positions relative to the talent to fill them. In the long run, this is not good for patients because it leads to dangerous things like healthcare institutions relaxing standards in order to snap up what talent they can. It also causes a high turnover of staff as this talent becomes dissatisfied. This prevents health team cohesion and worse healthcare for patients.

However, for healthcare workers at least, there is something of a silver lining. When you approach the interview, you are automatically in stronger position than you would if things were different. With less top talent, your value increases. Seeing this in light of those candidates who are continually failing to get a job, it suggests that there must be something very important that these candidates are failing to account for.

Possible Reasons

So, let’s go over some of the most important reasons why your job hunt keeps turning up nothing.

Not Standing Out

We’ve already mentioned the position the healthcare jobs market is currently in, and so it tends to make standing out a bit easier. Nevertheless, it is not the case that this rule can be uniformly applied over every single healthcare profession and every institution. Very often, you could well have stiff competition.

Have a good resume, turn up sharp (and looking sharp) for the interview, be sure to look them in the eye, emphasize your best qualities, downplay any shortcomings, etc. Healthcare is no walk in the park, and you still need to show you are up to the job.

Bad Resume

Even if a healthcare recruiter is fairly desperate for talent, the process of sifting through resumes and selecting the ones that make the best impression still goes on. Furthermore, a bad resume can derail your chances simply because it is the first contact the employer has with you in which you can convey information about yourself. If they haven’t received the right information, this could be ruining your chances.

You Are Applying for Too Many Jobs

It’s certainly wise to cast the net wide when job hunting – but not too wide. For example, if you find yourself going to three or four completely different interviews over a short space of time, how can you be prepared for each and know enough about the place at which you are applying?

Covering all these bases might solve your problem – or at will at least tell you that you need to analyze your situation a bit closer.

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