Is The Air We Breathe Healthy

Is the Air We Breathe Healthy?


On a hot, polluted day, have you ever wondered how clean the air is? When breathing becomes so painful, is it healthy to step outside?

Allergy and asthma

When the immune system perceives a normally harmless substance as a danger, it can cause a variety of symptoms, including sniffling, sneezing, rash, or breathing problems.

Drug allergies

It happens that a person’s health is threatened by the very thing that was intended to protect him. The immune system can overreact to the presence of a foreign substance, with results ranging from a small itch to anaphylaxis, where even life is in danger. Allergies can occur to a large number of substances, and sometimes to drugs. If you have a drug allergy, taking medication for your relief may work the opposite and leave you feeling worse than before. Do you have a drug allergy? Are you concerned about the fear of having one?

Learn how to control your diabetes

Diabetes is a severe fitness trouble that compromises the body’s cap potential to successfully manipulate its blood sugar levels. The right information is that your efforts are properly really well worth it: you may combat diabetes. How? ‘Or’ What? By consuming a wholesome diet, looking your weight and following your doctor’s instructions.


Over 6 million people have arthritis in Canada. Today, it is actually one of the leading causes of long-term disability in the country. Appropriate treatment as well as the acquisition of knowledge about the management of this chronic disorder will help you considerably. Learn to distinguish between the most common forms of arthritis and what you can do to relieve the symptoms.

The basics of integrative medicine

What do we mean by integrative medicine? Is it a dangerous science? Here’s how to find out which practices and techniques are right for you.

Take your medication well

Taking medication when leading a busy life can be difficult. Here are some tips for managing your medication use at home and when traveling.

Sports injuries

Keeping fit and active is an undeniable asset for your health, which is why exercise and sport are probably part of your daily life. But you may never have thought about the risks that this can entail. However, it should be noted that sports injuries are part of the fallout inherent in the practice of sports. Here are some practical tips to help you train more safely.

Good hearing acuity

Could you run the risk of hearing loss? Find out what causes hearing loss, how to protect yourself from it, and how to tell if your hearing is declining. If you already have hearing loss, learn more about how to cope.

A healthy heart

Heart sickness is one of the main reasons of dying in Canada. Some chance elements are immutable, which include own circle of relatives history, age and ethnicity. However, it’s far viable to alternate numerous critical chance elements which include excessive blood pressure, excessive blood cholesterol, smoking and a sedentary lifestyle. No count how antique you are, you may assist enhance the fitness of your heart.

How to participate in research

As we become more informed and able to make our own decisions about our health care, we begin to influence how health care is delivered. Learn more about how you can express your opinion and participate in research through market research and clinical trials.

Food supplements

Food supplements are very popular. Every day, advertisements and newspaper columns tell us about the merits of dietary supplements in preventing heart disease and cancer, increasing memory capacity, and much more. But what is the part of truth? Amidst all the hype, we’ve sorted the information you can trust for you.

Smoking cessation

Quitting smoking is an important step towards better health, but it is not easy! Fortunately, there are programs and medications to help you. Read on to learn more about quitting smoking.

Organ donation is vital

Almost 300 people die each year in Canada while waiting for an organ transplant. This unfortunate statistic is due to the fact that only a fraction of Canadians is registered as organ donors. This has the effect of making Canada a country characterized by a very low organ donation rate compared to other countries, particularly the United States.

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