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5 Reasons to Appreciate Virtual Health Screening Solutions


How often do you see your doctor? I see mine quite regularly, though that wasn’t always the case. Until becoming partially disabled a decade ago, I only visited the doctor when I knew there was something seriously wrong. Things are different now. I require regular health screenings to stay on top of my condition. And guess what? I find I am quickly becoming a fan of virtual health screening.

Another name for virtual health screening is tele health. Tele medicine works, too. The point is that virtual health screening solutions have changed the way I interact with my doctor. They have changed it in a big and very good way.

I get the fact that virtual health screening solutions do not ring everybody’s bell. There are some people who just don’t like tele health. They do not like meeting with their doctors via video. But in defense of modern tele health, here are five reasons I have come to truly appreciate it:

1. Getting Out Is Hard

My partial disability makes it difficult for me to get out and about. I get dizzy riding in the car, and there is always a wheelchair involved. We are constantly hunting for handicap parking spaces and accessible entrances. Quite frankly, it is a chore. Seeing my doctor through a virtual health screening solution is a whole lot easier.

2. All We Do Is Chat

There are times when I need to see the doctor face-to-face so that certain aspects of my condition can be evaluated. I get that, and I am not opposed to office visits when those things need to be done. When I need to have a test run, I am more than happy to go to the local clinic. But most of my routine health screenings involve nothing more than a ten-minute chat.

The doctor asks how I’m feeling. She inquires about my symptoms. She asks if anything has changed since the last time we spoke. After that, she offers any recommendations she might have. That’s it. It is nothing that cannot be accomplished over video chat.

3. Diagnostics Are Now Available

I recently visited a virtual healthcare clinic equipped with state-of-the-art tele health kiosks from CSI Health ( I was blown away when I realized the kiosks were equipped with diagnostic tools. I sat down at one and had my heart rate monitored, my blood pressure checked, and my temperature taken. Now there is even less of a need to go to the doctor’s office. Now that diagnostics are available remotely, she can check my vitals from miles away.

4. I Have a Schedule to Keep

Despite being partially disabled, I still work full time. That means I have a schedule to keep. Having to commute to and from the doctor’s office messes with that schedule, especially since commuting involves a lot more work for me. But with virtual health screening solutions, I can manage my time more effectively. Less time is spent on visiting with the doctor because I don’t have to go anywhere.

5. I Love Technology

The last reason I have come to appreciate virtual health screening solutions actually has nothing to do with healthcare delivery. Simply put, I love technology. I am blown away by what modern tele health is capable of compared to just a decade ago. I will take every opportunity I have to use it.

You may not be a big fan of virtual health screening solutions. If that’s the case, no worries. I get it. But for me, there is no better way to handle routine health screenings that otherwise take so much of my time and require so much work.

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