Muscle Gain

5 Great Ways to Maximize Muscle Gain


As far as physique movements are concerned, muscle gain is usually the first priority. Increased muscle mass will improve lean body mass and add size as well as bulk to the muscle frame.

Gaining muscles takes long-term commitment, persistence, and time. Although gaining muscle mass might seem daunting, with the following ways, it will be possible to build muscles:

1. Take Beta-Alanine Supplements

A lot of studies have focused on the impact that beta-alanine supplements have on skeletal muscles. Most of those studies have found a positive impact associated with muscle strength and power.

Taking a beta-alanine supplement will not just improve your training performance. It will also boost muscle gain and recovery.

2. Consider Hypertrophy Training

One of the best forms of working out to build your muscles is hypertrophy training. It encompasses training with some weights.

Basically, hypertrophy training helps to make the muscles bigger by straining the tissues, resulting in a lot of tears to allow fibers to grow stronger.

Among the effective types of weight training in full-body compound lifting. It targets more muscle groups. Good examples of these compound lifts are:

  • Overhead press
  • Pull-ups
  • Push-ups
  • Bench press
  • Dumbbell exercises
  • Squats
  • Deadlifts

3. Eat After Three Hours

Eating healthy at the right time is important to increase muscle mass. The best and probably the easiest way to achieve this is to take breakfast, lunch, and dinner as normal, then interspersed with a meal after a workout and before going to bed.

Keeping your food intake up means you will not be hungry since eating meals in smaller amounts versus a big chunk of meals can decrease the size of your stomach. In order to stop cravings, consider eating at a fixed time daily, and you will be hungry at those times as well.

4. Train Frequently

Training your muscles frequently is a perfect way of increasing muscle volume without working out too much in just one session. This also helps to reduce the risks of getting soreness or injuries.

For instance, if you want to grow more muscles, you might want to perform around 18 sets of quadriceps per week and another 20 sets of hamstring training every week.

Getting used to this routine will enable you to move a lot of weight, with more focus and control on the contraction and stretch of the muscles, and at the same time, avoid injuries and soreness.

5. Get Enough Rest

Taking enough rest plays an important role when it comes to muscle gain and building. Not letting muscle groups have enough rest will minimize their capability to repair. Plus, insufficient rest will also increase the risks of getting more injuries and slow fitness progression. So you shouldn’t do strength training on your muscle group on two or three consecutive days.

Sleeping for enough hours is also imperative for the growth of muscles. Sleep debt contributes to the loss of muscle mass, inhibits the recovery of muscles, and at the same time, decreases protein synthesis.

Concluding Remarks!

Whether you are looking to maintain or build muscle, it would be imperative to figure out what really works for you and what doesn’t.

Most factors dictate your body’s composition, and this includes sleep, nutrition, and supplementation. So find a routine that works best for you and consider sticking to it.

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